Tito Ortiz Says He’s At 90% And Can’t Wait To Get Back To Losing

When Bellator announced that Tito Ortiz would be fighting Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at the promotion’s first ever pay-per-view event, MMA fans mostly responded with a shrug and a “Whatever,” but for the company trying to emerge from the shadow of the UFC, this was supposed to be a huge get. Of course, no one was really surprised when Ortiz eventually announced that he wouldn’t be able to fight because of a neck injury, thus forcing Bellator to cancel the PPV and just move ahead with another free show.

Well, good news, Ortiz fans. The Huntington Beach Bad Boy Tweeted an update for his injury yesterday, and it looks like we can start getting our hopes up for his underwhelming Bellator debut sometime in 2014.

Not for your career record. *high fives Ultimate Warrior Pillow Buddy*

Meanwhile, in perhaps the most remarkable news of all, Ortiz was the 7th most searched athlete of 2013, according to Yahoo!, which isn’t notable because people still search for news and info about Tito Ortiz, but because people still use Yahoo! as a search engine.

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