Tito Ortiz Will Fight Rampage Jackson On November 2 For Bellator’s Debut PPV

Last night, on SPIKE TV’s Bellator MMA, a few noteworthy things happened. First of all, the man that many people have dubbed one of the most boring men in mixed martial arts, Bellator Welterweight Champion Ben Askren, absolutely beat the crap out of his formerly undefeated opponent, Andrey Koreshkov. So would UFC Dana White still say that “when Ambien can’t sleep, it takes Ben Askren”? Yeah, probably, because he’s a dick.

But White’s more likely loading up on much more colorful comments after last night’s Bellator MMA show, because it was announced that instead of sipping the UFC’s Kool-Aid by lining up or even teasing us with a pointless superfight between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Roy Jones, Jr., the main event of Bellator’s first Pay-Per-View on Nov. 2 will instead be Rampage vs. Tito Ortiz.

There you have it, Jackson vs. Ortiz for the first time ever and it will happen in Bellator. Jackson said it’s going to be one of the best fights in history, and if he means Bellator PPV history, sure, I’ll buy that. But until it actually happens, you’ll have to forgive me if I roll my eyes at Ortiz and his three-fight losing streak being capable of wowing us at this point.

Jackson even fired another shot at the UFC by saying again that he’s happy to be “in a reputable company that knows how to treat their fighters,” so I’m sure that White is going to have plenty of smart-ass, profanity-laced comments in store for this one.