TJ Grant Won Knockout Of The Night At UFC 160 Thanks To Mike Tyson

When Broadway star and pigeon hero Mike Tyson showed up on camera at Saturday night’s UFC 160 PPV, some people wondered why the heck the former boxing champ was there, while most of us just assumed that it was because he wanders around Las Vegas during his downtime and sometimes happens to stumble into major venues. But he was actually there to hang with his bro and UFC legend Chuck Liddell, whose protégé Glover Teixeira won his fourth straight fight since joining the UFC with a guillotine choke submission of James Te Huna.

Little did we know that Tyson would end up playing a major role in some decision-making that night, as he helped TJ Grant earn an extra $50,000 for the Knockout of the Night prize. Grant scored a first round TKO over Gray Maynard by simply overwhelming him from the get-go, but Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta were convinced that Junior dos Santos deserved the extra cash for his third round KO of Mark Hunt.

That’s when Tyson stepped in and said, “Thith is ludicrouth.”

“Tyson’s like, ‘What? No way. That other kid [Grant] won,'” White said. “Me and Lorenzo were like, ‘Alright.’ What, are we going to say no to Mike? I wasn’t going to argue with him.” (Via Yahoo!)

Haha, it’s funny because a guy just had $50,000 taken out of his hands because Tyson is scary looking. But seriously, I’m always a fan of the up-and-comers earning the extra cash, as dos Santos will be back in the main event against Cain Velasquez with the UFC Heavyweight Championship on the line once again. But just for the sake of fairness, let’s take a look at both knockouts again.

Here’s Grant’s TKO punch against Maynard…

And here is dos Santos’ KO against of Hunt, which comes to us in black and white because I’m making spaghetti for lunch and don’t want to ruin my appetite…

I mean, I love a fun story like this, but come on, Dana.