04.09.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

Noted douchebag Terrell Owens actually showed up in Orchard Park, NY to take part in the Buffalo Bills’ mini-camp…or to just cry about how he’s been portrayed in the media of late. You know, portrayed like a douchebag:

“What I find so unfair is that I’m not the only guy out of 32 teams that didn’t show up to voluntary and optional weight sessions,” Owens said at a midday news conference. “That’s what so frustrating that everybody nit-picks anything and everything I do.” […]

“You guys are basically going off of commentators’ comments and broadcasters’ comments,” Owens said. “I honestly feel very good about the way I conducted myself in three years in Dallas.”

And that’s the problem. Owens cries about not getting the ball enough during the season, and then after detonating his rapport with the third team in his career, He expects everyone to ignore him when we all know that he’s a ticking time bomb. Until it gets warm enough to do sit-ups in the driveway in Orchard Park, TO in Buffalo will be like the Manhattan Project, except without all the tragic real-world ramifications. And better abs.

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