Today In Facekicking: A Paraguayan Player Goes Full Ninja On A Referee’s Face

Last week we introduced you to our newest series, Today In Facekicking: a thorough, ongoing celebration of how often it seems like people in sports get kicked in the face. The first edition featured Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny getting a Rockette kick to the mush, or better still, NOT getting kicked at all and collapsing anyway.

This week, we travel to the wonderful world of Paraguay. From the YouTube description:

We join the action in the 71st minute with Coronel Romero on the attack. A Porvenir defender comes in and cynically takes down the winger. Cue the first red card. Which is swiftly followed by another to an argumentative Porvenir player.

Then comes the mental flying kick! Crazy town! The game was unsurprisingly halted with Coronel Romero securing their 2-0 win, which had been the scoreline when the melee broke out.

You’ve got to love how unnecessary the kick was. Usually when players kick each other in the face, it’s in the middle of some kind of heated brawl, or it’s a cheapshot to gain an advantage on the pitch. But nope, this guy just ran in from out of nowhere under the cover of shadow (or whatever) and flying karate kicks a referee in the face. Couldn’t he have, I don’t know, punched him? Something? Why’d it have to be a gamengiri?

Let’s look at the kick from another angle:

Then comes the flying kick! Crazy town!

[h/t to Beer Mug]