Today In Important Political Lessons: You Can't Offer NCAA Tournament Tickets For Campaign Donations

That suave-looking, silver fox above is Republican Kansas representative Tim Huelskamp, who is currently running for re-election and also a loud and proud fan of THE No. 9 seed Kansas State University. He’s probably very excited about his favorite team’s matchup with Kentucky tonight, so he’s trying to use March Madness to round up some extra campaign cash. In an email to supporters, Huelskamp offered the chance to win tickets to NCAA Tournament games with a minimum donation of $10. As it turns out, that’s a bit of a no-no in Kansas.

Huelskamp announced yesterday he’s no longer requiring a donation for a chance to win four tickets to NCAA men’s tournament games this week in St. Louis.

Douglas County District Attorney Charles Branson told Huelskamp’s campaign that the contest he announced on Monday was illegal. (Via the Associated Press)

While that sounds harmless enough, it seems that both Huelskamp and Branson are trying to drag the ugly nature of bipartisan politics into our beloved NCAA Tournament, which is not cool, bros. Huelskamp is accusing Branson, a democrat, of using his authority to score “cheap political points.” Naturally, Huelskamp, who didn’t actually go to K State, mind you, fired back in the most logical way possible – by invoking sports rivalries.

“As a lifelong Kansas State fan, I refuse to be intimidated by a Lawrence attorney likely still reeling from the 31-10 football blowout this fall and the 85-82 overtime victory by the Wildcats just last month,” Huelskamp said. (Via the HuffPo)

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… that’s kind of a burn, I guess. But Kansas is still a No. 2 seed and K State is a 9. Hell, some local politician should jump on the Wichita State bandwagon and tell both of these guys to suck it. In the meantime, I’m afraid I can’t award Huelskamp SICK BURN, BRO status, and he’ll have to settle for this: