Tom Brady Trolled Fans Wondering About Retirement With His Hulu Super Bowl Ad

On Thursday, Tom Brady sent football Twitter into a panic with a cryptic tweet of him walking in a shadowy tunnel towards a football field.

Given the questions about him possibly retiring now that his contract is up with the Patriots, this sent people into a tizzy and speculation ran wild. We did learn shortly after that it was not an announcement of any kind, and that almost assuredly meant this was viral marketing for some Super Bowl commercial. But what would it be for?

The answer, as we learned on Sunday night, was he was the latest star to take that big Hulu check in their series of ads that has steered into the idea that they’re just paying these guys massive amounts of money to talk about their product.

Now, there was something at the end that will raise eyebrows as he says, “As for me, I’m not going anywhere,” which seems to give the indication that retirement is not in the cards for the future Hall of Famer. The question now becomes where will he play his football next season, with the Patriots obviously interested in bringing him back but reports indicating that the Raiders, among others, will pursue him as well in hopes of luring him out of the New England area.