Now You Can Eat Like Tom Brady With His Outrageously Overpriced Cookbook

tom brady
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Tom Brady may be serving a four-game suspension (again) for Deflategate, but he’s also serving up some delicious, highly nutritious food as well.

Right, everyone? High five!

Okay, so Brady isn’t personally serving you, but he does have a hilariously overpriced cookbook that probably features a number of meals that are also expensive to make. But, hey, Brady’s #brand is strong and he can afford (in the figurative and literal sense) to have something like this.

The question here is whether you, Average Joe, are willing to pay $200 for the ‪#‎TB12 Nutrition Manual.

Like you would expect, the cookbook is not just a cookbook, but a “‘living document’ containing information about our nutritional philosophies and a library of 89 seasonally-inspired recipes.” The covers are actually made from natural maple, too. Apparently, Brady’s diet “omits white sugar, white flour, coffee, caffeine, dairy, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and most fruits.” In other words, you’re not allowed to eat some of the things you like, and even some of the things you don’t.

So while you may not be Tom Brady, while you may not look like Tom Brady, while you may not be able to throw a football like Tom Brady, while you may not be married to a supermodel like Tom Brady, you can at least eat like Tom Brady.

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