The Infamous Tom Brady Sketch Artist Has Given It Another Shot

08.31.15 4 years ago

Courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg garnered quite a bit of attention to herself for her terrible depiction of Tom Brady during the Deflategate hearings in Manhattan, but now she’s back at it, and this one is much much better.

It was all fun and memes at first, but Rosenberg did take a lot of heat for that sketch, and you can’t help but feel a little bad for her. She has 35 years of experience at her job, and everyone is bound to have a bad day. Unfortunately for her, she picked her bad day to be when many major news outlets and millions of sports fans would be paying attention to her sketches.

As Rosenberg told the New York Daily News“(Brady is) in my dreams, it’s a nightmare for me. I hope this thing gets settled and it’s over with.”

Rosenberg’s new sketch has certainly redeemed herself in my eyes. Unfortunately for her, this will not be the last time she will have to draw Brady, who she says she still has a hard time drawing because: “Something subtle goes on with his eyes. He has a big chin with a cleft in it.”

Rosenberg was back in court once again to sketch Brady on Monday morning, and working all of these Deflategate court sessions appears to be rubbing off on her, as well, as she gave a very typical “athlete” response to a question about her next sketch:

“There’s a lot of pressure on me. A lot of eyeballs on me. I just hope my hands can move, period. I know I’m not going to have any sleep tonight,” she said. “I still might blow it; anything could happen.”

It’s hard out here for a courtroom sketch artist.

(Via New York Daily News)

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