Gisele’s Instagram Post Suggests Maybe She And Tom Brady Aren’t Actually Voting For Trump After All

11.08.16 1 year ago

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For all of Tom Brady’s ongoing brilliance on the gridiron (and he has been brilliant again this season), his public image has taken a hit this year thanks to his association with Donald Trump. He may wish to downplay it, but he has publicly stated his friendship with the Republican nominee and Trump himself claimed that Brady voted for him in his final campaign rally on Monday night.

It would be an upsetting thing for many Democrat or neutral Patriots fans to see their QB vote for Trump, but his wife Gisele Bundchen offered up a bit of hope in her Instagram comments:

Now, in responding “NO!” to a question over whether she and Brady are backing Trump, she could merely be speaking for herself, or she could be echoing Brady’s refusal to officially endorse the Donald. If we took it to mean the strongest possible thing it could mean, then there are much more emphatic ways of denouncing Trump than in the comments section of an Instagram post. As much as we wish our celebrities echo our beliefs, there’s just not much substance there to get Brady off the hook for his support of Trump.

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