Here’s Tom Brady Taking A Shot At Peyton Manning In An Email

The Tom Brady/Peyton Manning rivalry is fairly one-sided. In fact, calling it a rivalry hardly seems fair. In sixteen meetings, Brady has walked away victorious 11 times. He has four Super Bowl rings to Manning’s one. He is, without a doubt, the more accomplished of the two quarterbacks.

So, it’s no surprise that there’s some trash talk behind the scenes. As part of this huge document dump with Deflategate, Brady’s emails have been made public. Here’s one exchange with a friend named Kevin Brady (not related).

Tom Brady, 38 and just one year younger than Manning, is going to play until he’s 45? That seems like a bad idea. That sounds like the ramblings of a mad man — or just Brett Favre. But I digress.

Then, there’s this email, from an acquaintance named Jay Flannelly, who talks all sorts of trash about Manning. Brady, for his part, doesn’t refute any of it, but does take the high road:

For those who can’t make out the text:

LOL, front runners LOL Mannings needs things to be perfect to succeed, weather, his system, etc…U r right about November—HUGE

As far as you are concerned 1 thing I really noticed is how well u r moving, foot work, scrambling, keeping plays alive…clearly u worked hard on this…also agree with your postgame presser assessment…left pts on the field…should have put half a hundred on that team…FGs into TDs changes that…finnish drives

Always helps when other team is dumb…LBer on Gronk on 2 yd line? Von Miller!?

I really like this team and we have a long way to go but I want ring 4.

Rest, rehab reflect…Lets get ready for this run

Proud of U


And you wonder why Brady destroyed his phone.