Tom Brady Is Ready To Mock Himself Over DeflateGate In This Hilarious New Foot Locker Ad

Why can’t Tom Brady just be great? That’s the question that the New England Patriots quarterback and eventual Hall-of-Famer asks in Foot Locker’s newest ad for its “Week of Greatness” campaign, during which the retail chain releases a ton of the “sickest” new shoes. The ads are always a must-watch affair for sports fans, as they’ve previously featured Kyrie Irving imagining a peaceful world in which Mike Tyson returns Evander Holyfield’s ear, and Tim Duncan “bouncing off the wall” in excitement.

But getting Brady to mock DeflateGate? That’s a pretty big score for Foot Locker, considering the three-time Super Bowl MVP had to sit four games out to start this NFL season. You’d think he’d still be bitter at Roger Goodell and everyone who has called him a cheater, but it turns out Brady has a great sense of humor about this controversy, and Foot Locker know how much fans love to laugh.

“We like our spots to allow athletes to poke fun at themselves, and people enjoy that,” said Jed Berger, the company’s vice president of brand marketing. “Our fans and customers like to see these athletes as humans. I don’t think anyone has seen Tom Brady like they see him in this spot.” (Via ABC News)

Still, this is hardly Brady’s funniest commercial of 2016. He’d have to turn in a much stronger performance to ever top this hilariously creepy ad for the Beautyrest Black mattress. Find someone who looks at you the way Tom Brady looks at a mattress.