Tom Brady Flipped Out After Julian Edelman Appeared To Give Up On A Deep Ball

Tom Brady doesn’t lose his mind all that frequently, but when he does, he goes off. That happened during Monday night’s game between New England and Baltimore, as a miscommunication between Brady and Julian Edelman kept the Patriots from scoring a touchdown. Brady overthrew Edelman, but it appears that happened because Edelman stopped running towards the back of the end zone. This is something that happens, but Brady was still furious, so he screamed a lot and ripped his helmet off as he left the field.

After the play, Brady took his frustrations out on the Patriots’ sideline. The quarterback grabbed what looked like a bottle of water and hurled it at team’s bench.

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With how Brady reacted, you’d think something horrific went down. Instead, it was just an incomplete pass. It happens to everyone, but that doesn’t mean that Brady has to be happy about it.

(Via BroBible)