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Today we get a double dose of Dreamboat in the gossip pages.  First up, more details of his impending fatherhood miffing Gisele:

Bundchen is feeling especially insecure because Tom and Bridget have recently re-established communication after a period of estrangement that followed her bombshell pregnancy announcement.  “For a while they were only infrequently texting each other or e-mailing, but now they talk quite often and this is what is really putting a wedge between Tom and Gisele,” said Someone Who Knows.  Tom and Bridget – who know the sex of the baby – have agreed on a name, and “Tom even calls the baby by its name when he is talking to (Bridget) on the phone,” said our spy. “Gisele is getting scared that they are actually becoming friends again.” 

Nooooooooo!!!!  Friends?!?!  With the mother of his child?!?  Will someone please, JUST ONCE, think about what the fabulously wealthy supermodel wants?  Oh, but it gets worse: Brady is hurting his relationship not only with his girlfriend, but with the tender-hearted fans of New England as well.

SIGHTINGS: Tom Brady wearing a Yankee cap and politely holding the door as he and his supermodel girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen, strolled into the IMG building at 54th and Seventh.

AGAIN?  Oh God, he's lost sight of everything he values.  Next thing you know he'll be riding his motorcycle recklessly and giving away all his possessions.  Like his Super Bowl rings, and his goat.

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