Tom Brady Is That Guy With The Cell Phone In The Theatre

If you needed another reason to hate Tom Brady, we’re happy to accommodate. That sumbitch was in New York City on Saturday watching “Lombardi,” that renown play about the former Green Bay Packers coach. And he reportedly broke the first Commandment of sitting in a theatre: he was on his cell phone, trying to determine which team the Patriots quarterback would play next week.

Tom Brady tracked Jets-Colts on Blackberry while watching “Lombardi”. Watched second half with two best friends. Stayed up ’til 3 am…


I gave Chad Ochocinco unshirted hell for this and I’ll do the same here: If you’re on your phone in any sort of theatre, and I ripped it out of your hand and beat you within an inch of your life with it, no jury in any state in the union would convict me. The light from your phone bothers other people, and everyone knows what a stickler for proper decorum I can be. I once scolded a blind man for eating his salad with the wrong fork. But really, if you have the money to blow on a show and then not pay attention to it, you can surely afford to go back to the Apple store and buy yourself a new iPhone. Dried blood doesn’t do much for that touch screen.