Tom Brady Just F*cking With Us Now

03.10.11 7 years ago 12 Comments

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is really enjoying his vacation, because he still hasn’t found time to get to the barber. It’s so long now that Brady has resorted to using a headband. Yes, one of the greatest players in NFL history has resorted to using ladies’ accessories.

This is a hundred times worse than Joe Namath and his fur coat. You could at least make an argument for functionality there. No, this is clearly a sign of the apocalypse and the end of times and dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria. When the world is suddenly and violently thrown into utter ruin, we’ll know that it wasn’t over-leveraged financial markets or corrupt politicians or genocide or nuclear war. No. It was because of a quarterback from California that wouldn’t cut his hair. Thanks a lot, Tom.

via StarPulse.

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