Tom Brady Shared His Thoughts On That Creepy Mask That Gave Us All Nightmares

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Remember that abomination of a Tom Brady mask that Bleacher Report made to bring attention back to the fact that Brady was suspended the first four games of this NFL season (as if anyone could forget)? Yeah, us too. It may come back in our nightmares for weeks now, especially once Wes Welker was the dude wearing it ahead of the Patriots’ second game.

Well, even though Brady himself isn’t allowed contact with his team for another couple of weeks, he was still made very much aware of the horrors that B/R wrought. From an interview on Westwood One:

“I spent a little time with [Welker] on Sunday morning, he showed it to me. It was probably the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

We have to be honest, that’s how we’d react too if we saw an overly-detailed, oversized mask of our own face stretched around the head of a best friend (or anyone). Tom Brady may beat us in the handsomeness department, but that’s no good reason to plumb the depths of the uncanny valley. Now that the genuine article has weighed in, it would probably be best for everyone if that mask got locked in a dark attic somewhere and was never spoken of again.

(H/t Sports Illustrated)