Tom Brady Absolutely Roasted Titans Coach Mike Vrabel For Being ‘Kind Of An Asshole’

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers got demolished in their preseason game against the Tennessee Titans last month. Tennessee came out on top, 34-3, in a game that featured a whole lot of backups and third-string dudes competing for two teams that have legitimate aspirations of competing for the Lombardi Trophy a little later this season.

In a fun little side note, this game gave us the latest reminder of Bucs QB Tom Brady’s longevity. Brady, who did not play, used to be teammates with Titans coach Mike Vrabel. The pair won a trio of Super Bowls together with the New England Patriots, and after the 2010 season, Vrabel opted to retire and go into coaching. Brady, of course, kept on playing despite being almost two years to the day younger than Vrabel.

A clip that the Bucs posted to their official YouTube account showed Brady having some fun with this, as he decided to roast Vrabel — “Mike’s kind of an asshole if you get to know him,” Brady said. He then mentioned the face that Vrabel went to Ohio State and discussed the “healthy competition” they have, even though Vrabel is no longer in peak physical condition.

“Physically, he’s really declined to a pretty sad state,” Brady said.

Unfortunately, the two teams do not play during the regular season, so we won’t get these kind of back-and-forths unless they meet up in the Super Bowl. Then again, Brady seems like he really likes prodding Vrabel, so we have to think he’d save something special if they met up on football’s biggest stage.