This Mic’d Up Falcons Player Was Nervous About A Tom Brady Comeback When The Super Bowl Was 21-0

When the Atlanta Falcons went up 21-0 on the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, even the most cautious Falcons fans allowed themselves to believe for a moment that this would actually be the year.

It wasn’t just that the Falcons had a three-score lead, it was the manner in which they got there. The offense was moving the ball and not making mistakes, and the third touchdown came on a Tom Brady pick-six with the Patriots driving. It was a moment that seemed too good not to be meaningful, with Brady lying prone on the ground after failing to tackle Robert Alford. Despite that, even Falcons wide receiver Taylor Gabriel knew better than to be too confident in a conversation with Sanu on the sidelines following the interception.

“They ain’t never met nothing like this,” Sanu said.
“It is Tom Brady, though,” Gabriel said.
“I know, I know,” said Sanu. “I’m never comfortable. We might have to put up 40-somethin’ on their ass, but I’m saying they ain’t never seen something like this.”

That caution from Gabriel proved to be wise as Brady and the Patriots stormed back from what got up to a 25-point deficit to complete the largest comeback in Super Bowl history in overtime.