Tom Brady Loses Another Suspension Appeal, Leaving Us Even Closer To Jimmy Garoppolo Time

tom brady
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Tom Brady’s legal battle against the NFL over the four-game suspension he was levied for his part in Deflategate might finally be over. His latest appeal for a rehearing was rejected, as reported by multiple sources:

It’s looking more and more like Jimmy Garoppolo time, but Brady still has one legal Hail Mary left to consider:

The Supreme Court isn’t even in session right now, so it’s all but impossible that any movement on that front will occur before the season starts. Maybe, maybe he can get some sort of injunction and at the very least push the suspension back another year, but that would first presume that he’ll have the ear of the highest court in the land, which is no sure thing:

The Patriots face the Cardinals, Dolphins, Texans and Bills in the first four games of the season, and while that’s not exactly a murderer’s row, every one of those teams had a credible pass rush a year ago. If it’s Garoppolo and not Brady under center, the Patriots’ opponents will smell blood in the water.

Garoppolo can either make himself a whole bunch of money on his next contract with good performances, or he can draw the ire of Pats fans everywhere if he craps the bed and puts New England behind the 8-ball in their fight for the playoffs.