Stephen A. Smith Says Tom Brady ‘Destroyed His Cellphone’ As Part Of The DeflateGate Investigation

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07.28.15 5 Comments

Take this with a grain of salt (or the whole damn salt shaker if you will). ESPN bloviator and hot take expert Stephen A. Smith says Tom Brady’s four-game suspension will be upheld by the NFL, according to his source. Moreover, Smith says he spoke to some other folks in the NFL that say Tom Brady “supposedly destroyed his cellphone” as part of the investigation.

Because cellphone records are kept in the actual cellphone guys. It’s 2015 everyone. Someone doesn’t know how technology works.

“I just heard that Tom Brady’s suspension will likely be upheld. We all recognize that anything’s possible, um, obviously minds can change. But from what I’m hearing, in the next 24-48 hours the NFL will announce that they are upholding the four-game suspension against Tom Brady. He will serve his four-game suspension. They know and expect the NFLPA to appeal that decision.”

“Skip, remember when we had conversations about the text messages and refusing to show it? I’m hearing that Tom Brady actually destroyed his cellphone.”

And as if this couldn’t get any more ridiculous…

“In Spygate in 2007, when Bill Belichick and the Patriots were fined — apparently there’s some language in that agreement — in that fine that (was) ultimately handed down to him, that if something like this happened again, you’re talking about Bill Belichick being banned. Which, in some folks’ eyes, may have facilitated Robert Kraft showing a willingness to accept the penance and the penalty Roger Goodell handed down to him.”

We’re all much dumber for hearing and reading these things.

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