Tom Brady Plays Invisible Airport Football For UGG, Because Of Course He Does

Pro Wrestling Editor
09.04.12 3 Comments

In a new commercial that perfectly illustrates the value of wearing fuzzy pink boots made out of Muppet fur in public, UGG’s “Invisible Game” features New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady catching a pretend pass from a precocious child in an airport and engaging in a full-on tackle football in the concourse. Of course, the child prevails, catches a long bomb and pulls a Jerome Simpson in the endzone to (I guess) win the game. It’s cute, and because of it I’m suddenly okay wearing shoes that make me look like the Ultimate Warrior in front of strangers. UGG: the only shoe that describes itself.

Hopefully Funny Or Die has spent the last hour writing up a version of this with Brett Favre, or maybe one where Brady catches a pass from the kid’s mom and invisible fingerbangs her in the airport while everyone tries to get his autograph. That’s the only thing I can think of more unbearable than having kids pretend to throw footballs to you every time you’re trying to catch a plane for the rest of your life.

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