Joe Biden Loved Tom Brady’s Standup Comedy Routine At The White House

There are few athletes who have found social media late in their careers who have done more with it to make themselves seem likable than Tom Brady. The surefire Hall of Famer has delighted fans in recent years with his Twitter account that happily pokes fun at himself and others, making timely quips and embracing jokes about his age, mistakes, or drunken boat parade escapades rather than trying to run from them.

For someone who long played the villain as the leader of the Patriots dynasty, it has been stunning to see the face turn in Tampa, where the 43-year-old Brady has let the more fun side of his personality shine through. On Tuesday, the Bucs visited the White House, a place Brady is quite familiar with, for their Super Bowl celebration with Joe Biden and Brady came prepared with a full on standup routine that few expected but absolutely delighted POTUS and his teammates.

The surprise in all this is that we are not all that far removed from Brady having a MAGA hat in his locker (and refusing to talk about it), and here he is jabbing at Trump and his supporters. I’m not sure Tom has a future on stage as a comic, but after a little stumble setting up the 40 percent joke he found his stride and the “Sleepy Tom” one landed pretty well. Biden was clearly loving it and the continued emergence of fun-loving Tom Brady remains a somewhat stunning but enjoyable final chapter in his legendary career.