Tom Brady Has An Interesting Excuse For Skipping The Patriots’ White House Visit

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The New England Patriots completed the craziest comeback in Super Bowl history and, as a result, the team will be visiting the White House on Wednesday in customary fashion. However, it appears that future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady will not be in attendance as a result of “personal family matters.”

In the immediate aftermath of the news, the sports world jumped to conclusions regarding Brady’s affiliation with President Donald Trump and his (obvious) incentive to avoid questions about that relationship.

Both Brady and Patriots owner Robert Kraft have been tied to Trump in various ways and POTUS has even been parodied on Saturday Night Live as a direct result.

Before Trump was elected, Brady famously skirted around questions concerning his potential support for Trump’s candidacy, to the point that he was visibly annoyed by the inquiries. It should be noted, however, that Brady’s mother has been quite ill for some time and that could easily explain the quarterback’s choice to forego the festivities in the nation’s capital.

Brady’s statement is, in typical Brady fashion, quite vague as to the reasoning behind his absence, though he did toss in a tidbit about Trump “supporting (his) team as long as (he) can remember.” For now, folks are left to speculate as to the real motivation behind Tom Brady’s decision but, before jumping to the seemingly clear conclusion that he is avoiding media scrutiny, take a beat (or two) and remember that real-world things do happen, even to famous quarterbacks.