03.18.09 9 years ago 4 Comments

We never really brought up the Tom Brady-Gisele Buttchin honeymoon (zing!), partly because of our penchant for quasi-political screed, I guess. But also because, well, it’s kinda dull. Tom and Gisele eating ice cream? Why, they’re living like royalty! Peace, yo. |thanks, Ape|

But now Guanabee has pulled some paparazzi video of Gisele’s and Tom Brady’s travelling in Brazil, which I understand is quite badass for a country filled with people that don’t really speak English. It looks like Brady spent his day being miserable while being carted around by Gisele and her sisters, but, to be fair, if I had a cadre of South Americans snapping my picture within ten feet of my face.

Sometimes I’m glad I’m not famous. That’s why I spend so little time working on my podcast. The last thing I need is for that thing to take off and make me a big celebrity. Mary Kate Olsen will just have to kill someone else.

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