Tom Coughlin’s A Big Pottymouth

01.07.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

A couple of days ago, I wrote about Brandon Jacobs yelling at some people while he was putting his locker’s items into a garbage bag, as the season for the New York Giants ended without a playoff appearance. Well, I’m no family studies major, but I can see where Jacobs picks up that foul language: Tom Coughlin, his head coach.

Wash his mouth out with soap, NY Daily News:

When the Giants’ season was over, Tom Coughlin insisted that even though his team didn’t make the playoffs, his players should be happy with a 10-win year.

And for those people who aren’t satisfied with that? Coughlin had a message for them, too.

In a postgame speech aimed directly at the heart – or at least the lips – of his critics, Coughlin told his players that anyone not impressed with a 10-6 season “can line up and kiss my a–.” He delivered those remarks in the visitors’ locker room at FedEx Field on Sunday just after the Giants beat the Washington Redskins, 17-14.

“Outstanding. Outstanding finish to the ballgame,” Coughlin said in the speech, which was captured by cameras and aired on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL.” “We did our part, OK? That’s all I can ask you to do. Hey, from the bottom of my heart and everybody’s, we have a 10-6 season. A 10-win season in the NFL, OK? They can kiss my a–, OK? They can line up and kiss my a–. It’s not an easy thing to do.”

An unidentified player then yelled, “Can we quote you on that, Coach?”

That unidentified player turned out to be Mike Lupica standing on the shoulders of one of his friends, filling up a Giants uniform so he could find more stuff to be outraged about in his next column.

There’s no real urgent reason for this post, but it’s always fun to hear people swear, and even more fun when they’re famous people, especially a crazy old coot like Coughlin. I wonder how often he says “dagnabbit” or “tarnations.” He’s like a less family-friendly Yosemite Sam!

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if you waste an hour looking up old Looney Tunes clips on Youtube like I did.

There’s video of it below, and as a final note, no thank you, Mr. Coughlin. I will not kiss your ass. That’s Mrs. Coughlin’s job to do. I hear she adds a little tongue as well.

(rimjob shot)

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