Tom Izzo Spoke To Michigan State Students About Lacey Holsworth’s Legacy

On Wednesday night, Michigan State students and fans took to their beloved Rock for a vigil to honor the memory of Lacey Holsworth, the 8-year old girl who passed away this week after her battle with neuroblastoma. As we all know, Holsworth was better known as “Princess Lacey” after she became the figurative little sister of Spartans star and hopeful NBA star Adreian Payne, while serving as a symbol of inspiration to the team this season, through its run to the Big 10 Championship, and even beyond its loss to UConn in the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament.

As many people have written, reported and said this week, Holsworth’s legacy will continue to inspire people at MSU and across the country, but some people always have a better way of putting things into perspective than others. Spartans Coach Tom Izzo signed the Rock and then offered some words of inspiration to the gathered crowd, and if there’s anything to take away from this message, it’s that anything we do – be it offering one minute of time to help another, or flipping a car and lighting a couch on fire because we’re “celebrating” sports – should make us remember that there are others, like Princess Lacey, that will never get to do that.

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