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From time to time I like to provide you, the reader, with updates on the case of Tom Porras, the high school track coach who invited one of his athletes, a 17-year-old girl, into his home, fondled her under the pretense of "athletic massage," then ejaculated on her, then told her his semen was massage oil.  Pretty awesome guy, right?

Well, good news if you like for sexual predators — and who doesn't? — because the judge ruled that his confession is inadmissible in court.

[Judge Helene Abrams] said that Scottsdale detectives ignored Porras' requests "at least three times" not to be questioned about the allegations… "The detectives did not scrupulously honor Mr. Porras' request to remain silent" Abrams wrote in her ruling. "They did not honor his request at all."

Other Porras requests not honored by the detectives include two-way mirrors for the girls locker room, high school girls who aren't so prude, and a Heath bar.  Oh, not that kind of Heath bar, this kind.

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