Tom Savage Played A Series After Suffering A Scary Concussion When His Head Slammed Into The Turf

The San Francisco 49ers are in Houston to play the Texans on Sunday, and in the second quarter, with the Texans pinned back near their own goal line, starting quarterback Tom Savage took one of the most brutal hits you’ll ever see.

49ers defensive end Elvis Dumervil laid a clean hit on Savage immediately after he released the ball. The Dumervil tackle drove Savage into the turf, with his head whipping back in the process. After the hit, you can see Savage struggling to gather himself, almost twitching on the ground. It’s tough to watch.

The involuntary shaking on the ground, along with just how hard Savage’s head slammed into the turf, should have been enough to indicate a concussion.

The Texans tested Savage for a concussion that, by their standards, he somehow passed, and was actually allowed to return to the game. Savage attempted two more passes before leaving the field for good.

T.J. Yates would take over on the next possession, as Savage was finally ruled out with a concussion.

The dysfunction on the Texans sideline didn’t end there. Savage was ruled out of the game with either nobody telling him he was done for the day, he was so messed up from the concussion that he didn’t remember, or he didn’t want to listen to the Texans coaches. Either way, when Yates came in, Savage put his helmet back on like he was still in the game.

This footage and subsequent errors by the Texans aren’t going to make anyone feel any better about the NFL’s major concussion problem. All parties need to be better than this.

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