This Man With No Arms Threw Out A Perfect First Pitch

Throwing out the ceremonial first pitch before a baseball game seems easy enough. You go out there, take the mound and lob a friendly toss right down the pipe to the catcher to get the game started. Although it looks simple, so many people have managed to completely butcher the throw and hilariously embarrass themselves in the process. Maybe it has something to do with the pressure that comes with taking the mound in front of a packed stadium, but apparently it’s not quite as elementary as it would appear.

With that being said, one would assume that not having any arms would make the process significantly more difficult.

Tom Willis, a man born without arms, was extended the honor of first-pitch duty before Monday night’s Giants-Mariners game in San Francisco. Willis managed to chuck a perfect strike over the plate … with his feet. It’s important to note that he didn’t cut any corners, either. Oftentimes you’ll see some uneasy pitch-throwers soften the challenge by standing in front of the mound and shortening the pitch distance. Not Tom, though. He took the rubber, pinched the baseball between his toes, and let ‘er rip.

No arms? No problem.

(Via SB Nation)