07.03.07 11 years ago 13 Comments

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl of competitive eating, the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island.  I'll be taking the day off from blogging tomorrow to not go to it.  Yes, although it's a mere F train ride away, somehow the prospect of standing in a packed crowd of tourists in a rotting amusement park in July trying to get a decent view of people overeating just doesn't sound as good as, oh, anything else.

However, I dig that some of you beautiful semi-literate people are into this, so I'll open up the forum for you to talk about six-time consecutive champ Kobayashi, his "jaw-thritis," challenger and new world record holder Joey Chestnut, their weigh-in today, and the best way to induce vomiting.  Most people just like pulling the trigger, but I've found drinking a bottle of paint thinner will do the trick in a pinch.  It's a great way to lose pounds before a show.

Check out Peter Schrager's latest column for more; weird photo courtesy New Yorkled, which sounds dirtier than it is.

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