Tony Hawk Almost Made A ‘Skate Jam’ Movie With Looney Tunes In 2003

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Space Jam was a very important movie for many young sports fans because, well, it involved Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes, which is a pretty tremendous combination for children in the 90s.

In the early 2000s, there might hot have been anyone more influential in the sports realm for teens of that same generation than Tony Hawk. Skateboarding had exploded onto the scene, Hawk was the face of the sport, and his video games were among the best, most popular games on the market.

Hawk recently launched his newest mobile game titled “Skate Jam,” and, on Sunday, revealed that title was initially meant for a project in 2003 to, effectively, create something of a Space Jam sequel featuring Hawk and the Looney Tunes skateboarding. Hawk tweeted out what appears to be a drawing from storyboard construction and said the project was a full go until Looney Tunes: Back In Action bombed out.

With Looney Tunes not hitting the same sweet spot as it once had in the early 2000s, they scrapped the idea and that might’ve been for the best. Hawk has built a skating empire without needing a Skate Jam movie, and nostalgia for the mid-90s wasn’t quite there in the early 2000s so the movie very well might’ve flopped.

The window has passed for a Hawk-Looney Tunes collab, but those wanting their 90s fix will get it in the form of Space Jam 2, coming…eventually from LeBron James.

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