11.29.07 10 years ago 24 Comments

Tony LaRussa pleaded guilty and took full responsibility the other day for the charges of his DUI arrest eight months ago.  And the local Florida police department awesomely released the video of his arrest.  It starts out hilariously, as he claims that he was asleep at the wheel because he got up early and had only two glasses of wine.  Then it gets kind of depressing after he gets put in the squad car and gets further testing at the police station.

True story: Friday, June 15, 2001.  The day I graduated from armor school at crappy-ass Fort Knox.  I got up extremely early that morning, went for a run, had a little graduation ceremony, then finished packing all of my stuff to drive to California.  That night, a friend (commenter "ihopethisgetsmattmoney") and I went out in Louisville.  I was driving, so I only had two gin and tonics over the span of two-plus hours, while my friend got loaded.  On the way back, with my friend passed out, I started nodding off behind the wheel, and a cop pulled me over on Highway 31W in a stretch of dry county that's dry because a drunk driver killed a family or a busload of kids or something.  Not exactly friendly territory.  Faced with the possibility of a DUI, I was INSTANTLY wide awake.  Then I passed all of the field sobriety tests because I was only sleepy, not drunk.

What I'm saying is, Tony LaRussa is full of shit. 


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