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Not that I give this story much credence, but according to Stuff, Jessica Simpson is desperate to get knocked up by boyfriend Tony Romo, and she was delighted to learn that a recent pregnancy test was positive.  Simpson and Romo then revealed the happy news to Tony's family, and they were thrilled.  And by thrilled I mean horrified.

A source said: “There was a huge fight on July 18 at the Romo home. Jessica and Tony thought she was pregnant and happily announced it to the family. The news resulted in dead silence. Then Tony’s dad Ramiro said, ‘You’re not married. This is crazy!’ Tony’s mum Joan joined in, demanding, ‘How can you do this to us?’”

Ooh, that's uncomfortable.  But awkward gets awkwarder when the whole story comes out:

Jessica, 28, is said to have been devastated at the family’s response, especially as she was later forced to admit she had made a mistake after allegedly misreading the test.

That must have been a relief to the Romos.  "We thought the bitch was pregnant, but it turns out she's just an idiot."  What a nice consolation.

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