Tony Romo Kept Calling Out Plays Before They Happened In His TV Debut

09.11.17 2 years ago 7 Comments

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Tony Romo’s decision to retire from the NFL rather than find a new team with the Cowboys moving forward with Dak Prescott surprised many. Just as surprising was CBS hiring Romo to be their new lead analyst, booting Phil Simms out of the booth and inserting Romo alongside Jim Nantz from Day 1.

On Sunday, Romo made his debut and showed why CBS was so willing to throw him into their top broadcast immediately. The former All-Pro brought a different perspective to the game than what fans are accustomed to getting from analysts as he was confident in bringing analysis, not just after a play, but before it.

On numerous occasions Romo would call out what was going to happen and, sure enough, what Romo predicted would come to life on the field. It was impressive and seemed to take Nantz aback a bit, which is understandable considering he’d been alongside Simms for so long.

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