Tony Romo Previews The 2019 NFL Season And What He’s Watching For The Browns In Week 1

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The 2019 NFL season will kick off in two weeks when the Bears and Packers open the season on Sept. 5. For Tony Romo, the season begins that Sunday in Cleveland as he’ll be on the call with Jim Nantz for CBS with the Browns hosting the Titans in the nation’s first look at everyone’s new favorite team led by Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr.

Romo is entering his third year in the booth where he’s quickly become one of the best analysts in football, offering great insight and wowing audiences with his pre-play predictions as he lets his work in the film room shine on TV each week.

Along with his weekly CBS game of the week, Romo is back with Corona this season for the Corona Extra Gameday Hotline, where fans can call 1-844-9-Corona and he’ll offer up a gameday pep talk for their favorite team, player, or even fantasy squad. We spoke with Romo through Corona last week to preview the upcoming season, find out what he’s looking for out of the Browns in Week 1, get his thoughts on teams and players that could breakout this season, and more.

Phil Mickelson told a story on Twitter this week about how he got Tiger Woods mad at you when you were Tiger’s pro-am partner at Pebble Beach one year. What do you remember of that and what do you think of Phil bringing that story back to the masses?

Oh yeah, I know the story well [laughs]. I texted Phil and said share some, keep some. No, it’s all in good fun. Phil does a good job on his Phireside Chats, so, he did a good one there.

You’re entering your third year in the booth. What’s been the thing that’s been the biggest adjustment for you or something that you feel like from your first year to now you’ve gotten more comfortable with?

I would just say when you first start off the day-to-day logistics of things. The speed at which things go, your brain is just adjusting to that but then you’re just yourself. I wouldn’t say there’s a big difference in what I do as much as how you proceed to communicate it feels like you’re in a rhythm.