Tony Romo And James Corden Talked ‘Sex In The City’ And Scary Stories During Their Sleepover

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Now that he has some free time on his hands, Tony Romo is taking it easy and helping someone in need. In this case, he’s helping talk show host James Corden make friends in Los Angeles.

The fellas seemed to have a blast stuffing marshmallows, doing their nails, and talking about which Sex in the City character they would be. We also found out that Romo doesn’t like losing in Jenga, which is weird because, as Corden pointed out, Romo loses all the time.

But then Corden told the “scary story” of Dez Bryant and the Mysterious Missing Catch. While Romo was pretty shaken up by the story, I’ve got a far more frightening tale. It involves two men who have secretly conspired to torment an entire city’s fanbase with their “systems” and “processes” so thoroughly, that some fans are avoiding sports altogether. I’m sure this would be delightful for many, but look at the big picture here. Having those fans put their energy elsewhere isn’t good for anyone. Those men just want to watch the world burn and may very well get their wish soon at the rate that they’re going.

(Via The Late Late Show with James Corden)

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