Tony Romo Weighs In On The Dez Bryant Practice Fight, And He’s Not Happy At All

Tony Romo And Dez Bryant
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You likely heard about the scrap between Dez Bryant and teammate Tyler Patmon during Cowboys practice on Sunday. The two later downplayed the incident, but, at the time, it looked to be fairly serious. Both threw wild haymakers that didn’t land, and Dez had to be separated by multiple teammates.

Ultimately, it was Tony Romo who brought peace to the situation. “That’s my quarterback. That’s my teammate.”

Romo also told a local radio station that he threatened Bryant with violence. We’re less than a week into training camp, and the Dallas Cowboys are dysfunctional as hell.

“I’m going to be so mad at you” sounds like the kindergarten version of what was really said. Anyway, training camp fights happen a lot, more than people think. Some coaches actually encourage it. Others, like former Niners coach Jim Harbaugh, fully participate.

Veteran C.J. Spillman and Michael Thomas got into an argument, and Spillman took a swing at Thomas during the non-padded practice. The two players went to the ground. Receiver Ricardo Lockette was among the first on the scene to try to separate them.

Then, Harbaugh, who does not condone practice-field scuffles, dove into the melee in an attempt to restore order.

Obligatory Harbaugh GIF.

Can we get the Cowboys on Hard Knocks? Or maybe Jim Harbaugh can do a college version of the show. Yes, please.