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NASCAR driver of the Home Depot #20 car Tony Stewart had some harsh words for ESPN during a media session at Pocono Raceway yesterday:

"If every time we do an interview and you want to stand here and dig up dirt, you might as well go find somebody else because we'll wait until you leave before we do the rest of the interviews," Stewart said, responding to a question from reporter David Amber. "Every time we've got to deal with somebody from ESPN it's a sharp knife trying to dig for dirt," he said. "I'm not saying they're not fair questions. Do we always have to leave with a dagger in our back from ESPN? That's all I'm curious about."

Well, that settles it, NASCAR drivers are made of dirt.  And I thought they were composed of guts, black stuff, and about 50 Slim Jims.  Stewart is upset with the Worldwide Leader because he feels the network unfairly criticized his comments following his victory in Chicago on July 15th in which he stated he was going to drink a case of beer to celebrate.  Some uptight people are bound to get upset when you say things like that, such as my ex-girlfriend when I said I was going to celebrate my unemployment in the very same way.  And I feted myself with a case of Stroh's everyday.  Not only that, I was sticking it to the Man by refusing to let his prescribed notions of success hold me down.  But she still cried every night – I guess some people just don't understand social protest movements. -KD 

(For more on the complicated intricacies of NASCAR, see We Are The Postmen.)       

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