Tony Stewart Gets Heated And Confronts A Heckler At The Chili Bowl Nationals

Tony Stewart and a racing fan got into it at Friday’s Chili Bowl Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Stewart hasn’t responded to an ESPN request to further detail what happened that led to this altercation, but according to people on Twitter, it appears that the fan flipped Stewart off, which led to the two exchanging words in the stands.

Based on the videos from this incident, it sounds like the heckler told Stewart that he has never been a fan of his when the two got face to face. There looks to be a lot of jawing – Stewart appears to go as far as calling the fan a “p*ssy” – and the incident appears to end when one of the event’s security guards pushed the fan back into his seat. After that, it’s unknown what happens, but Stewart did get into the heckler’s face for a few seconds while the security guards restrain him. Then all of the videos from the incident cut out.

Apparently, the fans who watched the altercation go down were on the side of the three-star Sprint Cup Series champion – a “TONY!” chant broke out and some people cheered when the heckler was pushed back into his seat.

(via Deadspin)