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Some artsy weirdos made a musical about the 1994 saga of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan — just as timely and necessary as the Rent movie! — and Tonya attended the opening.  Yawn.

While the catchy musical had mixed reviews, the show won big props from skating hellcat Tonya Harding on opening night…

“And you know what? She was wonderful,” said [author Elizabeth] Searle. “We saw the best side of her. She was generous and funny and focused her attention on the show. People in the audience said she was laughing, and then at the end, she led the standing ovation.”

I did a musical homage similar to this once.  I went to a performance of Cats and attacked the actors with a baton.  I'm sorry, but I had to find out if they'd say, "Ow ow ow oooohhh ah that hurts!" or if they'd stay in character and howl in pain like a cat.  My findings: need more data.  I've got tickets to next Sunday's matinee.

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