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Tonya Harding is (a) still alive, (b) piggish, and (c) recently appeared on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, which first aired on Tuesday. Even though she still makes public appearances as That One Chick Who Tried To Make Figure Skating A Contact Sport 15 Years Ago, she apparently is upset that people don’t remember those events with more fondness.

“How much responsibility do you think I need to take? I paid my debt to society, all right? I live an every day life trying to succeed in whatever I do trying to keep a roof over my head. How much punishment do you think I need to go through?”

Narration: “No, it wasn’t the way she wanted it but Tonya Harding did secure her place in sports history… in American culture actually and after fifteen years… for good or for bad… she’s even part of our vocabulary… ”

Obama at a campaign speech: “And when we were down 20 points in the summer, all the pundits and all the smart folks they were saying, ‘OK, his only chance now is he’s gotta knee-cap her. He’s gotta do a Tonya Harding on the front-runner.’

Wait, so it means to attack someone? I thought it just meant using your penis to club a girl with big teeth. Oh, man. I’m gonna lose credit for all the Tonya Hardinging I did in college. There’s a video after the jump, but it’s kinda scary.

[quote from Newsday’s Watchdog, video from Geno’s World]

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