Toronto’s Mayor Seems Pretty Cool

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04.28.11 13 Comments

I don’t know much about Canadian politics, other than you get free health care if you can wrestle a moose and hockey is the national pastime and flower, and I especially won’t pretend to know anything about the politics of a single Canadian city like Toronto.
With that said, Toronto’s Councillor, Doug Ford, could be just short of Slobodan Milosevic but I wouldn’t know or care because what I do know is that his daughter Krista (right) wants to play in the Lingerie Football League and he has offered his blessing despite his critics.

“I’ve always wanted to get involved in (contact football),” said Krista, who’s played touch football for years, and was instrumental in forming her high school’s flag football team. “This was a great opportunity to play for the LFL.”
When asked if he was uncomfortable with his daughter running around a sports field with next to nothing on, Councillor Doug Ford said he wanted to be a supportive father.
“She’s a football fanatic. She said, ‘dad, I want to play,’ and the natural instinct for a dad is ‘You’re not going to be running around in lingerie’ … but then I thought what the heck.” (Via The Toronto Sun)

Krista’s uncle is Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, so she’s basically like the princess of Toronto and she wants to run around in her lingerie. Look at Canada getting cool finally.
Say what you want about her looks – the source article’s commenters called her “healthy” and we know what that means – but I commend Krista for following her dreams. Hopefully hot daughters of other politicians will take notice and begin shedding their clothes for whatever reason. Basically, I’m looking at you, Meghan McCain.
More pics of Krista, click click click…

(This pic and banner )

This is her Twitter profile pic so I like her already.

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