Watch Daniel Tosh Beautifully Take Down The New England Patriots And Their ‘Cradle-Robbing Owner’

He doesn’t do it often, but when Daniel Tosh takes on the sports world, it’s beautiful. It’s a no holds barred attack. It’s a “say whatever you want, regardless of repercussion”-like kamikaze. Nothing is off limits. Nothing.

On Tuesday night’s episode, Tosh delivered a scathing take on the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, a team he believes has cheated for the better part of a decade.

If football is a game of inches, then anyone in your organization cheating even a single time taints everything from that point on.

And if you believe Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all-time, you deserve to get butt-f*cked by Aaron Hernandez in prison.

Man, those AFC East rivalries are nasty as hell. Tell us how you really feel, Daniel.

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