Tottenham Fans Have Made Flyers To Help Find ‘Lost’ Erik Lamela

It’s safe to say that Erik Lamela’s first season with Tottenham has been a complete bust, namely because I spent about an hour reading random reports about him, and I can’t find anyone who has anything nice to say about him. Well, if you count the details of the expectations that the team and fans had for him, then those were all pretty nice, but once you get into the reports that he hasn’t been fit to play since he showed up and has been injured almost the entire time, with the exception of the three games that he started, it’s all kind of downhill from there.

For evidence of that negative sentiment, here’s an actual flyer that Tottenham fans (I believe they’re called Tater Totts) have been posting on social media, and possibly even around town, since Lamela even bailed on his most recent public appearance. Surprisingly, this is a much more tame reaction than I’d expect from most pissed off soccer fans.