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The Sunday night game was pretty much over by halftime, with neither Brett Favre nor Adrian Peterson able to get much going against an Arizona Cardinals team, an organization that finally seems to have its act together. But the game’s obvious outcome made this injury to the Vikings’ E.J. Henderson all the more gratuitous, and Al Michael’s punny stylings certainly didn’t help matters. Leave the comedy to us, Al. You just keep working on that hair.

Here’s the Zepruder version: DO NOT watch the bottom right of the screen if you just ate breakfast. The prognosis: fractured femur. It’s a season- and possibly career-ending injury. But if you’re the masochist bastard that I know you are, there’s a cleaner vid after the jump. And I’ll just simply state that the NFL’s new alleged commitment to neuroscience would have done nothing to stop this. But since this wasn’t a quarterback getting hurt, they probably don’t care. –Second String Fullback, the kings of backyard football.

This vid via Chicago Sun-Times.

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