07.18.09 9 years ago 3 Comments

Tragedy struck the Tour de France this morning when a woman was hIt and killed by a police motorcycle.

French police say she was struck Saturday while trying to cross the road in Alsace in eastern France during the 14th stage…. [T]he motorcycle driver was from a unit of the Republican Guard and could not avoid hitting the woman. The driver was helping supervise the race.

The driver fell off his bike, which then hit and injured two other people. Their lives are not in danger. One of the injured was a mother with a child in her arms, but the youngster was not hurt.

Yeesh.  A sad day for the Tour, and a bad way to start the sports weekend.  And it’s not helping that the banner image is riddled with factual errors.  For starters, there was no bicycle involved in the accident.  And the vehicle that struck the woman was a motorcycle, not a car.  And the driver of the motorcycle was a police officer, not a cat.  Although that last point can be kind of confusing, since the French are pussies.

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