Tour De France Stage Winner Tries To Kiss Podium Girl, Gets Sternly Rejected

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07.07.14 5 Comments

Italian cyclist Vicenzo Nibali won the second stage of the Tour de France on Sunday, capturing the yellow jersey and a spot on the podium between two lovely ladies. It was the first ever Tour stage win for the excited Nibali, but not everyone shared his enthusiasm.

Shortly after being presented with the yellow jersey, Nibali planted a couple of kisses on the woman to his right. When he tried to work the same magic on the lady to his left, he was abruptly stonewalled.

The video above has the full exchange, but here’s the money shot in GIF form (courtesy of FTW):



It wasn’t all bad for Nibali. Obviously he won a Tour de France stage. And see the stuffed lion his harsh humiliator receives in the clip above? Nibali went right ahead and planted one on it:

Getty Image

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