Tracy McGrady Vs. Arby's. No, Seriously. Who Ya Got?

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.19.13 8 Comments

"Sorry, got a little Horsey Sauce in my eyes."

You’d think upgrading from the Qingdao Eagles to the San Antonio Spurs bench would be an improvement, but nope, Tracy McGrady’s career has hit rock bottom. How do I know? Because Arby’s is throwing shade at him on the Internet. Arby’s.

Twitter user @DragonflyJonez made a joke about T-Mac and mentioned Arby’s. I guess the Arby’s Twitter Team is searching for “Arby’s” every five seconds and immediately responded with the best (and meanest) (and most appropriate) joke Arby’s is ever gonna make.


Ouch. That cuts thin, Arby’s. Of course, a little while later they sent out another tweet explaining that it was just a joke and they love Tracy McGrady, but nope, just like food from Arby’s, I’m not buying it. You are cold-blooded, Arby’s.

And while we’re talking about Arby’s, here’s a suggestion for their team to pass along: cast a hot-yet-attainable young woman with dookie brown hair in your commercials and call her “Arby.” Have her somehow remain pretty and skinny and sociable even though she’s eating Arby’s 24/7. Trust me, it’ll work. Wendy’s changed “Wendy” from “Dave Thomas with a red wig” to “self-loathing Alyson Hannigan” and increased interest in Wendy’s a thousand-fold.

(Also, more burns on bench players.)

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