Marquette King Got Hilariously Trolled By Travis Kelce After A Chiefs Return Touchdown

Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King has become one of the more beloved figures in the NFL this season, in large part because his celebrations after booming punts have translated into beautiful internet fodder that extends beyond the die-hard segment of the football viewing population. On Thursday night, though, King may have met his match in the form of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who has been known to celebrate in a big way every now and then.

One of King’s punts was returned for a touchdown by Chiefs speedster Tyreek Hill to give Kansas City a 21-3 lead. In the aftermath of the 78-yard scamper, Kelce put on a show of his own right in front of King. The big, (somewhat) graceful tight end mocked king by doing a post-punt dance, and it is tough to blame Kelce given the symmetry of the moment. Still, King should be credited for having a good laugh, and probably a few words, in Kelce’s direction, as this seems like a true “game recognizes game” situation between the two athletes.

The best part of this is that King has done this exact celebration before, which makes this a wonderful bit of trolling by Kelce. King’s star continues to shine and with good reason. On this occasion, though, Hill got the best of the Raiders’ punt team and Kelce won the celebration war, at least for one Thursday evening in December.